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Pink Mince has been irregularly published since 2009 out of London, then New York, and now Portland, Oregon, by typeface designer Dan Rhatigan. Typically using a mix of writing, found imagery, collage, and original photography, each issue of Pink Mince focuses on a single topic, exploring the overlap of typography, queer history, kink, pop culture, and the publisher’s own eccentric view from the middle of all that.

A number of features that were eventually cut from the final versions of each issue have been published as the Pink Mini series — 8-12 page mini-zines containing a single feature.


Cover typefaces

Interior typefaces

Collected issues

Pink Mince

Pink Mince at the PABF 2022.jpg
  1. Contradictions (Summer 2009): Lots of photos, collage illustrations, men, and a bit of Julian and Sandy, too. (A5 booklet, 28 pages plus cover)
  2. Poseable Thumbs (Fall 2009): The truth about the Poseable Thumbs, at last revealed! See what action men in action really do. (A5 booklet, 36 pages plus cover, including a full-colour centrefold)
  3. Alter Egos and Secret Identities (Late Fall 2009): A look at disguises and metaphors and fancy dress — who do we become when we wear a mask? Featuring words and pictures by or about James Bainbridge, Russell James Redwood Harris, Paul Baker, Nick Linsdell, Greg Thorpe, João Florêncio, Sara Feio, "Joe Public", Ryan Riddington, Roberto Foddai, and Lee Roberts. (A5 booklet, 44 pages plus cover.)
  4. Your Dad Was Hot (Winter 2010): A tribute to the men of yesteryear, in all their virile glory. See heroic astronauts, vigorous athletes, well-polished scholars, and even read some poems by Mark Walton and Gil Scott-Heron. (A5 booklet, 36 pages plus cover, and a bonus insert booklet showing the really naughty stuff.)
  5. The Louche, Limp-Wristed Lifestyle (Summer 2010):Different strokes for different gay folks. Featuring words and pictures by or about Sina Shamsavari, Sean Welker, Greg Thorpe, Paul Baker, James Goss, João Braz, Pablo Leon Dela Barra, Terry Vietheer, Jonathan Dredge, and Mark Walton. (A5 booklet, 48 pages plus cover.)
  6. STARKERS! (Late Summer 2010): Your chance to bask in the full naked glory of the male form. Featuring words and pictures by or about Niall Caverly, Matthew Cotsell, Simon Crawford, Andrew Ellerby, Dee Henriques, Luke Jones, male®, Chris McLeod, Emrecan Özen, Steven Pottle, Jason C Woodson, and the Athletic Model Guild. (A5 booklet, 44 pages plus cover.)
  7. "The Funny Pages" (Spring 2011) is a special giant-sized edition of Pink Mince, a loving tribute to the comics. Featuring the work of James Bainbridge, Drub, Sina Evil, Howard Hardiman, Jessie Johnson, Luke Jones, Bill Roundy, and Timothy Thornton. (317mm × 457mm newspaper, 12 pages.)
  8. "New York Fucking City" (Autumn 2011) is a heady mix of perspectives on a heady city. Featuring words and pictures by or about Krys Fox, Scooter LaForge, Leonard Fink, Norman Brannon, Peter Duce, Greg Thorpe, and Konstantinos Tsolakis. (A5 booklet, 52 pages plus cover.)
  9. "Punk Mince" (Autumn 2012) is a look at punk, poseurs, DIY, and things looking a little rough. Maybe. Featuring words and pictures by Norman Brannon, Simon Crawford, Drub, Miguel Ferrer, and Sina Sparrow. (A5 booklet, 48 pages plus cover, including a packet of rub-down lettering.)
  10. "Ink Mince" (Spring 2014) gets right down to the skin, and looks at how some folks dress it back up again. Featuring pictures by Simon Crawford, Male®, Tyler Megarry, Sina Sparrow, and more. (5.5" × 8.5" booklet, 48 pages plus cover)
  11. "Take Note" (Fall 2015) is a scrapbook of clip art, questionable advice, biased observations, and food for thought. (5.5" × 8.5" booklet, 36 pages plus cover)
  12. "The Stroke" (Spring 2016) is a tribute to the unsung graphic design of gentleman's magazines from years gone by. It's a celebration of the words and type that dressed up all those artful and artless nudes: the typographic marketing of erotica, minus the erotic imagery. (5.5" × 8.5" booklet, 36 pages plus cover and 16-page mini insert)
  13. "XOXO" (Fall 2017) Visiting Berlin in September 2016 for Folsom Europe, I began photographing a variety of leather events in Europe and the U.S., culminating in these portraits capturing a year of fetish and friendships. (Set of 10 5.5" × 8.5" booklets, 164 pages in total. Also available in paperback book form.)
  14. "Very Influential" (Fall 2018) is a peek at my origin stories: the things that made a huge impact when I was figuring out my world, and set the tone for future me. None of this stuff made me queer, but it sure made me into the kind of queer I turned out to be. (5.5" × 8.5" booklet, 36 pages plus cover)
  15. "Regulated" (Winter 2019) takes a close look at Pink Mince-themed mural artwork created for some fetish-friendly changing rooms in a London boutique. (5.5" × 8.5" booklet, 40 pages plus cover)
  16. "Letrasex" (Fall 2019) is a nerdy, sexy deep dive into the unique typographic background of 20th century gay porn. (5.5" × 8.5" booklet, 28 pages plus cover)
  17. "Amazing 3-Way!" (Summer 2022)is an interactive multicolor paper sculpture, a party game in a book, and/or a cheeky homage to language and design of adult magazines. (5.5" × 8.5" booklet, 28 pages plus cover, printed in color)
  18. "Give the people what they want!" (Fall 2022) is a collection of original portrait photographs was shot between 2016 and 2022 in a number of different cities. (5.5" × 8.5" paperback book, 40 pages plus cover.)

Pink Mini

  1. Caring for Yourself & Your Home (Spring 2010): Shows you how to maintain your healthy lifestyle, the Indian way. (A5 booklet, 8 pages)
  2. Boycrazyboy (Spring 2010): A peek inside the sketchbooks of illustrator/comics maven Sina Shamsavari. (5 booklet, 8 pages)
  3. Back to the Woods (Spring 2010): Returns with Nick Linsdell to the scene of the secret shenanigans in Hampstead Heath that were featured in Pink Mince 3: "Alter Egos & Secret Identities". (A5 booklet, 8 pages)
  4. Johnny, are you queer? (Spring 2010): A brief meditation on the dynamics churning beneath the surface of the filmThe Wild One, one of the most deliciously homoerotic epics of all time, intentionally or not. (A5 booklet, 12 pages, printed in 2 colours.)
  5. Homegrown (Fall 2010): A scrapbook of a trip to New York City, armed with little more than an iPhone and an visitor's perspective. Includes run-ins with old friends, new friends, an ex-boyfriend, cute guys, and local curiosities. (A5 booklet, 12 pages.)
  6. Leftover Beefcake (Spring 2011) is a collection of material that didn't make it into our popular “Your Dad Was Hot” issue of Pink Mince, as well as a few choice, vintage tidbits found later &emdash; all of it too good to waste. (A5 booklet, 12 pages.)
  7. Clothes Make the 'Mo (Winter 2013) looks at how we use clothes to say who we are and what we want (and how we learn those codes). It's just a taste of a big idea, but it's a delicious little taste. (A5 booklet, 16 pages.)
  8. Physique Pencilled (Summer 2022) reproduces the hand-embellished Bob Mizer and George Quaintance images I discovered in 2 original issues of Physique Pictorial. (5.5" × 8.5" booklet booklet, 16 pages)
  9. Pink Maxi (Summer 2022) is an oversized mini-issue, featuring true tales of sexual adventure (and misadventure). (7" × 8.5" booklet, 12 pages plus cover, 2 colors)